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Are you a junior researcher or a student looking for a place to securely publish your research work, get visibility and receive reviews and feedback?

Perhaps you’re an established researcher looking for new interesting ideas and collaborators?

Or maybe you’re just interested in science and would like to read about new and exciting research?

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We're disrupting the current academic publishing market with a distributed ledger – public blockchain – technology based solution that provides the users with tools and mechanisms for building trust and reputation, protects privacy and intellectual property while operating with transparency and access through a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Our solutions prevent malicious behavior in form of fake papers and reviews, trolling, bogus authorship, and formation of citation cartels.

Our solutions

Community blockchain

Securely publish your papers using smart contracts.

Digital asset I8X

Contribute your reviews, rate papers, build your reputation and help create trust based community.

Carefully maintained database

Fast search for papers, authors, institutions, locations, reviews and citations in over 200M records.

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